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Discount Wood Flooring and Your Home

Posted by admin on August 28, 2011 at 12:23 pm. Filed under: discount wood flooring

In the modern world, being a little thrifty is a necessary measure in most homes. And when it comes to furnishings like flooring and decor, airing on the side of financial caution can sometimes mean a loss of quality or aesthetic appeal.

Here in the Nagle Flooring studio we don’t agree with that. We do our best to bring top quality hard wood flooring to all our clients at the best possible prices. We update our ranges continuously to make sure all the latest innovations and market developments are appropriately represented in our online catalogue.

Have you visited our “Offers” area yet? We know that when re-flooring your home ever square meter can make a difference. We offer discount oak flooring etc throughout the year to make sure there are always plenty of great end-of-season, end-of-line or stock clearance offers on the table.

Like all companies who are confident in their products, we offer a price match guarantee on all our products. We believe in maintaining great relationships with all our commercial and private clients, so invite you to get in touch and talk through a project with our telephone agents, especially if you’ve seen a similar product for less elsewhere.

To bring even more savings to our clients, we also offer free delivery on both commercial and private client products. If you’re after incredible value, top quality and great customer service, browse our online catalogue or get in touch today on 0208 484 0800.


Love Our Laminate Flooring

Posted by admin on August 23, 2011 at 2:50 pm. Filed under: discount wood flooring

The ranges of private and commercial laminate flooring we stock found their way into the Nagle Flooring studio for three reasons – quality, cost and finish. Our catalogue is fresh, full of innovative ideas and consistently reviewed to make sure our clients have the best options available.

Pergo and Quick Step are our signature flooring suppliers. We’ve enjoyed long partnerships with both brands because of their dedication to excellence, high quality and innovation. For example, Quick Step are noted for their stringent quality control processes and wide range of pioneering flooring solutions, including Quick Step flooring like the “700 Classic” and “950 Country Plank” , products which continuously rank very high in terms of customer satisfaction, performance and good investment.

The cost of laminate flooring is crucial to us and all of our clients. We find most clients investing in laminate flooring expect it to see quite the barrage of foot traffic and environmental abuse. We keep costs down by always reviewing our catalogue, bringing new products on boards and offering great discounts. Throughout the year we do our best to maintain discount laminate flooring options, helping our clients to make even more savings on top quality products.

Pergo and Quick Step both produce some of the most faithful texture-inspired laminate flooring products on the market. We, and our suppliers, believe that low cost and top quality needn’t be mutually exclusive. The “Eligna” range by Quick Step is particularly noted for its exemplary attention to detail and luxury finish.


Top Quality Commercial Laminate Flooring from Nagle

Posted by admin on August 18, 2011 at 4:16 pm. Filed under: discount wood flooring

As we’ve previously covered in this blog and on our main website, the primary concern for many of our commercial clients is simple – will flooring last and make a good investment?

We believe there’s a difference between being frivolous with money and seeking out luxury. A financially frivolous person might furnish their shop floor with the most expensive woodblock flooring they can find, simply assuming that the price tag guarantees quality. A fiscally responsible person seeking out luxury gathers information, browses samples, assesses the investment and makes an informed decision even if the resultant best option turns out to be vintage-inspired discount laminate flooring that LOOKS plush.

Foot traffic is a simple consideration; few commercial environments can wield the same mighty hammer as the House Rules By Mum “Take off shoes before entering” “Don’t wheel the pram through the living room after it’s been raining” and so on.

The commercial laminate flooring that we supply is noted for extreme durability under heavy usage. Thick and engineered to cope with stiletto shoes, prams, bikes, walking canes, drawing pins, chewing gum – all the little calamities that make up the average working day.

With all this talk of practical investment, it’s easy to assume a loss of artistic appeal follows. We spend a great deal of time sourcing the best texture-inspired laminate flooring for use in both commercial and private environments. Our top quality promise means you can get the best commercial flooring for your business without skimping on aesthetics or functionality.


Wood Block Flooring Classic Style

Posted by admin on August 13, 2011 at 11:42 am. Filed under: Solid Wood Flooring

There are some classic styles that just never leave the arena – a well-tailored suit, Chanel No.5 and wood block flooring. Our selection of parquet flooring is top quality, durable, great value for money and proven as excellent in its field.

But what is it that makes solid wood flooring so enduringly appealing? In essence, very little has changed about wood block flooring over the centuries. Production techniques have evolved, occasionally dimensions shifted a little, but for the most part the products we stock are incredibly similar to those we’d have stocked hundreds of years ago. In such a prestigious and tailored art, the bar for top quality is high.

We currently offer four different types of wood block flooring. Of course, there are lots of different suppliers and variations out there, but we believe that a small contingent of products with proven reputations for excellence is always preferable over a large cluster of sub-par options.

Oak Wood Block Flooring
The three variations of oak we supply – Prime, Prime Grade and Rustic – are classic, precision-made and all come with a warrantee of twenty-five years. A warrantee of such length is unusual in our line of work, but we believe that anything less would not be testament to the quality of our products.

Walnut Wood Block Flooring
Also with a twenty-five year warrantee, and an excellent classic option for traditionally furnished homes; many of our walnut parquet flooring clients are renovating or refurbishing historical buildings or inspired homes to the most traditional specifications.


You’re Welcome to Sample Our Styles

Posted by admin on August 8, 2011 at 9:37 am. Filed under: Oak Flooring

Whether you’re in the market for cheap engineered wood flooring throughout your home, or parquet flooring for your study (lucky you!), we can offer a great comprehensive catalogue of products and services to help you find the ideal flooring solution to lie beneath your feet.

We know it can be tough to judge what type of flooring will best suit your home using only our online image library; even the highest resolution photos may not give you the best idea of how, for example, hardwood oak flooring will look in your lavish, dark hue, Victoriana-theme dining room.

Our sample service is open to all commercial and private clients who would like up to three wood floor samples to be sent to them in the post free of charge. Why not more? We keep a healthy sample stock to hand at all times, but it makes poor business sense to send hundreds of samples to one client at high cost to ourselves. We’re able to offer great flooring prices because we watch every penny, provide great customer service and are always looking for new ways to offer you savings.

If you’re torn between two shades, or even just can’t decide whether to go with finished or unfinished oak, a sample in your hands could be just the solution.

If you’d like to receive up to three wood floor samples, get in touch on 0208 424 0800 and our telephone agents will make sure the requested samples are winging their way to your door in no time.


Laminate and Solid Wood Flooring in the Family Home

Posted by admin on August 3, 2011 at 9:22 am. Filed under: Solid Wood Flooring

The average family home is usually anything but average!  As flooring specialists with heaps of industry experience (and heavy-footed families of our own!) we here in the Nagle Flooring studio are happy to use today’s blog entry for a little timely advice on what flooring is best to last through the lifecycle of your home.

Taking into account things like durability, investment, cost of unexpected repair etc, the two best options tend to be wood floors or laminate flooring. Of course, stone floors are always on the table, but they can be very costly to replace, cold and tough on little knees when they trip over their shoelaces (especially when – aged twenty-two – they should know better!)

Natural and engineered wood floors are a great way to add warmth and a classic homey feel to the family household. The floors of most homes suffer a barrage of abuse over the years, and oak wood floors etc are great at resisting damage, never going out of style and fitting with a multitude of different decor styles.

Laminate flooring is a wonderful option for folks who perhaps don’t want to invest in wood flooring for whatever reason. Maybe you don’t intend to live in the house too long, maybe your budget is a little tight, and so on. We only stock top quality laminate flooring that meets our own stringent performance criteria covering durability, finish, long-term damage resistance, replacement cost, ease of fitting and hygiene.


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