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Choosing Quick Step Flooring Colours

Posted by admin on February 28, 2012 at 3:22 pm. Filed under: quick step laminate flooring

You may not have given your floors that much thought, but they can really change the appearance of a room. The great thing about choosing laminate or solid wood flooring is that it goes with every style of home décor and can really complement your colour scheme. If you’re after wooden flooring, then quick step laminate flooring is a fantastic option because it is so versatile and yet not expensive at the same time.

Quick step flooring gives you the widest choice of colours and styles over any other wooden flooring options available. You can even choose to have a stone effect if this is what you prefer. Knowing whether to go for a darker or lighter colour can be tricky for some people, so you need to think about what effect you want the flooring to have on the room. If you have a room that’s on the small side, light coloured flooring can help to give the illusion of more space because pale floors reflect light and make a room seem bigger. However, be aware that the lighter you go, the less warm your room may also appear. Wonderful light quick step laminate options include Bleached White Teak, Natural Beech and Enhanced Vintage Oak White.

If you have pale coloured walls, then choosing a darker colour of quick step flooring can provide a beautiful contrast and stylish touch as well as being warming. For darker colours, check out our Dark Grey or Brown Oiled Oak options, or Enhanced Vintage Oak.


Advantages of Engineered Wood Floors

Posted by admin on February 23, 2012 at 12:19 pm. Filed under: Solid Wood Flooring

Hardwood oak flooring is a popular choice for many people because it is so stylish and yet hard wearing at the same time. However, hardwood flooring does also have its disadvantages. It can be hard to install by yourself and so will require professional installers, and it can also react to temperature changes, expanding and contracting as heat and cold come and go. Laminate flooring can be a good alternative to get around these issues, but it is not real wood, so if what you want is wooden floors, then this will not stand up to the mark.

Engineered wood floors provide a happy medium. Made from real wood, it is plywood underneath and oak on the top and bottom layers. Having a middle layer of plywood is actually more beneficial than having solid oak floors, because it gives additional strength but also removes the issue of the wood being affected by moisture or temperature changes. This technique also makes the wood cheaper than solid wood, and so is great for anyone on a budget.

Consequently, engineered flooring is ideal for using with underfloor heating, where solid wood floors would not be. We have engineered wood floors available in a variety of wood finishes and colours, including Oak Natural, Antique Dark Stain, and the beautiful warm reddish tones of Jatoba. If you’re not sure which colour might work best in your home, then you can get three free flooring samples delivered for free, so that you can compare them against your décor to see which works best.


Budget Busting Wood Floors

Posted by admin on February 18, 2012 at 9:16 am. Filed under: Natural Wood Flooring

Natural wood flooring would be the choice of many people because it looks so attractive in the home and gives your home additional value. It is also extremely durable, easy to clean and maintain, and won’t need replacing. Long-term, therefore, this makes it a great option, but unfortunately many people find solid wood flooring prices too high to make that initial investment.

However, there are many cheaper alternatives available nowadays which give the same great appearance as solid wood floors. Engineered oak flooring is just one of these options which come in cheaper, primarily because it is made like a sandwich – with oak as the ‘bread’ and a plywood filling. This reduces the amount of oak, which would bump up the price, while still giving you the advantages of a real wood floor. It is also suitable for use with underfloor heating, unlike solid wood floors.

Another cheaper alternative to solid wood is laminate flooring, which is also great if you wish to install your floor yourself with its simple click system. Our commercial laminate flooring doesn’t compromise on style options either – you can choose from a variety of wood styles and finishes, including stone and ceramic. You can also choose the size of the planks used, which adds to the overall appearance when the floor is completed. We stock quality laminate floors, such as Pergo and Quick Step, which are suitable for domestic or commercial use.

Order three free samples to be delivered free if you can’t decide between our many colour and style options.


Commercial Laminate Flooring vs. Solid Wood

Posted by admin on February 13, 2012 at 11:13 am. Filed under: Pergo Flooring

Pergo invented the first laminate flooring back in 1877 and it holds many advantages over having a solid wood floor. The first advantage is one that will affect most people when they come to look at flooring options, and that is the price. Laminate comes in much cheaper than hardwood flooring, namely because it is not a real wood floor. Instead, it is an image printed on wood, and consequently it will never be of the same quality as solid wood. This does not mean that it is significantly inferior, however, and Pergo laminate flooring is some of the best around and is extremely hardwearing.

Another great advantage of having laminate flooring is that most people can install it themselves (or know someone who can!), because it works on a simple click system. Unlike solid wood, there is no need for nails or even glue, as the grooves slot together and hold it firmly in place. This again makes it much cheaper to install, particularly because you won’t need to pay for the services of a professional fitter.

When it comes to maintenance, while solid wood is known for its durability, laminate is also hard wearing. It offers advantages over solid wood, however, because it is scratch resistant and also fade resistant, making it a much better option for anyone with children or pets, and particularly for high traffic areas in the home. Understandably, this also makes it the best option for commercial property, which receives a lot of traffic.


Maintaining Your Engineered Wood Flooring

Posted by admin on February 8, 2012 at 4:06 pm. Filed under: Solid Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is chosen for many homes because of its attractive appearance and hard wearing nature. It also comes in much cheaper than a solid wood floor, yet gives you the same benefits and more. Just one of its added advantages is that it copes better with temperature changes and moisture than solid wood, and so does not require the same maintenance to keep its shape. However, this does not mean that you can install it and forget about it, so here are some tips to keeping your floor looking fantastic.

Although engineered wood floors cope much better with water than solid wood, this doesn’t mean that you should leave spills to soak in! Nor should you use copious amounts when mopping your floor. For regular cleaning, sweep or vacuum to keep your floor free of dust and daily grime.

All real wooden floors are at risk of being scratched or dent, but there are ways that you can minimise this. For high traffic areas, consider laying down rugs or mats, and use furniture pads to protect the flooring from the pressure of table or bed legs, and never drag furniture across the floor. Perhaps also have a rule where family members and visitors don’t wear shoes indoors, and be wary if you have small children that may scratch the floor with their toys (or worse – draw on it with markers!). That said, wood flooring is extremely durable, and so it will be able to withstand a fair amount of wear and tear before the effects start to show.


Why Choose Wooden Flooring

Posted by admin on February 3, 2012 at 1:51 pm. Filed under: Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring adds value to a house, but also looks stunning in any room. However, it also has a lot of benefits over other kinds of flooring, such as carpet or lino. One of the reasons it adds so much value to your home is because it won’t need replacing after a matter of years like carpet will. Even in high traffic areas, you won’t find that certain parts are looking worn and shabby. Additionally, if you or anyone else in your family has allergies, a solid wood floor won’t retain the dust like a carpet. Wooden floors are extremely easy to clean with a brush, vacuum or mop.

Depending on the colour and finish you choose, wooden flooring can be just as warm and inviting as carpet. Oak is a popular choice because its tones convey warmth, but there are plenty of other options that you can choose from. If you have or are considering installing underfloor heating, however, beware. Solid wood floors cannot be used with this kind of heating, so you should opt for engineered wood floors or laminate instead. Unlike laminate, engineered flooring is still made from real wood, but its plywood base makes it compatible for coping with temperature changes.

Both engineered wood floors and laminate are very easy to install yourself, which will save you money on having to employ a professional to do it for you. Unless you’re particularly gifted at DIY, however, we don’t recommend trying to install your solid wood flooring yourself.


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