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Underfloor heating and laminate—a match made in heaven

Posted by admin on June 15, 2012 at 10:56 am. Filed under: Pergo Flooring

Creating a proper home all comes down to one thing—comfort. You want somewhere that you feel truly relaxed in, a place for you to spend your days and nights in comfort and harmony, and a lot of that depends on the features you choose to incorporate. You need a heating system and type of flooring that works together perfectly, and these days there’s much more choice than you might imagine. Gone are the days of central heating systems and ugly radiators because underfloor heating is where it’s at, and if you opt for laminate flooring to complement it you’ll have a match made in heaven.

Why underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating may be viewed as an unnecessary extravagance by some, but there’s a reason it’s growing in popularity. To start with, it’s an interior designer’s dream—the room will be heated from beneath the floor, meaning there’s no need for radiators taking up valuable space. It’s incredibly comfortable so you needn’t worry about cold feet, but perhaps the best part is its efficiency. It heats your home from the floor up and if used as your primary heat source can be hugely economic—it offers uniform heat distribution so you can optimise your energy costs, and there’ll be no draughty corners or burning hot air streams next to the radiators. You can make great savings and most underfloor heating systems can be laid with ease, bringing you a system that’s perfect for modern environments.

Why laminate?

Laminate floors offer the look and feel of solid wood with the convenience and practicality of a man-made material. It offers a high level of durability and stability to create a floor covering that’s ideal for the modern home, being easy to clean and maintain and hardwearing enough so that it’ll still look great in years to come. It offers the perfect combination of luxury looks, practical styling and comfort, truly bringing you a home you can be proud of.

Working together in harmony

If you’re looking for underfloor heating to suit laminate, you’ll probably want to go for a foil or film system. These versions have been specifically designed to be thin enough to be laid under such floors without needing to raise the floor level, and because it’s so easy to lay there’s no need to faff around with adhesives or screeds. With the right products you’ll find that underfloor heating and commercial laminate flooring can work together in perfect harmony—you’ll have the comfort and practicality of laminate with the efficiency and convenience of underfloor heating, bringing you the perfect combination for a home that’s as comfortable as it is stylish.

It’s a match made in heaven, and here at Nagle Flooring we know how beneficial laminate can be. That’s why we offer a fantastic range of options with Quick Step laminate flooring and Pergo flooring being our core brands, ensuring you’ve got the floor that meets your every requirement. Make sure to take a look around to find the floor that’s right for you, and then all you have to do is find the underfloor heating system to match.


Floors changing with the times

Posted by admin on June 5, 2012 at 10:52 am. Filed under: Natural Wood Flooring

Floors have come a long way since being dirt, straw and mud-packed surfaces. In ancient times your floor would have literally been the patch of ground on which your home was built, but thankfully times have changed. Over the years we’ve developed a whole range of floor coverings, and in many cases some of the most ancient types of floors are still used to this very day.

A brief history of flooring

Dirt floors may have been the first usable floor covering (and continued to be so for poorer classes until the Middle Ages), but as far back as 5,000 years ago we had stone and brick. The Egyptians developed stone construction and started to create beautiful floors that were works of art as well as practical necessities, and the Greeks followed by creating pebble mosaics. The Romans followed suit with ceramic tiles but when Rome fell so did the craft of tile-making, and it wasn’t until later centuries that it was revived. Wood floors came into being during the Middle Ages whilst carpets (or rugs at the very least) have been around for some 4,000 years, truly showing the longevity of our favourite floor coverings.

Now for something slightly more recent.  In 1863 linoleum was first developed and it was quickly followed by rubber, cork and asphalt tiles, and in 1926 vinyl flooring was invented quite by accident. Resilient flooring of this kind soon became the style of choice and linoleum was used throughout much of the 20th century for its practicality and convenience, and in the 50s and 60s black and white checked tiles became the only option for kitchens and dining rooms. Hardwood floors combined with bright patterned rugs were also commonly seen throughout the 60s and 70s, and carpets became just as popular during the late 20th century.

The present day

The current trend has a distinctly traditional feel and is focused squarely on wood. Whether it’s restored wooden floorboards, laminate, parquet or hardwood oak flooring you’ll be spoilt for choice, and there’s a reason this style of floor is so popular. Not only does it bring a traditional vibe with a modern twist but natural wood floors suit any home imaginable, whether you’re modern and minimalist or crave the country cottage look, and as an added bonus it’s incredibly practical too.

Get the floors you need

It needn’t even be that difficult to achieve the desired result. For many people all they’ll need to do is rip up the carpet and get to work on some much-needed restoration—you could be standing on top of a beautiful floor without even realising it, and whether you decide to keep the boards natural, varnished or painted you’ll be left with a truly stunning home. Of course, you might not be so lucky to have such well-preserved floorboards lurking beneath your feet, in which case you’ll need to try something else. That’s where we come in. Here at Nagle Flooring we’ve got a fantastic range of flooring to take your fancy and if you switch to wood you can be confident in keeping up with the times, so take a look around to see the appeal of laminate, parquet or solid wood floors and you’ll soon see why wood is the only way to go.


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