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How to Care for Your Wooden Floors

Posted by admin on August 25, 2012 at 4:38 pm. Filed under: Solid Wood Flooring

If you have solid wood flooring within your house, you are certainly going to be the envy of many of your friends and family. Wooden flooring gives off a sense of style and quality which you simply cannot replicate with carpets. After all, many of the very finest people in history have enjoyed the feel of having solid oak wood flooring inside their homes. There are many benefits that come with having wood floors as opposed to carpeted ones, but if you have never had any before you may not be sure on how to best care for them.

One of the major differences between wood and carpeted floors is the differentiation in absorbency levels. If you spill something such as a glass of red wine of a carpet, the liquid is likely to soak into and stain the fabric area affected in no time whatsoever. This can then cause many hours of scrubbing away at the stain with white wine and soapy water in an effort to remove it! If it is a really bad stain then you may be forced to call in a professional carpet cleaner which is sure to cost you a significant amount of money. However, with wooden floors you do not have to worry so much about unsightly stains. Most liquids can be mopped up immediately with as little fuss as possible, meaning that you can concern yourself with more important things in life – like enjoying the wine!

Household areas such as hallways or kitchens may benefit from the placement of a quality rug in order to protect the sections of your floors which have the heaviest use. Think about the number of heavy feet that tramp up and down your hallway each day and you will understand why it can be a good idea to help give your floors that little bit of extra protection! What is more, a decent rug can help accentuate the beautiful deep colours of your wooden floorboards.

Solid oak floors are very easy to look after in terms of keeping clean and tidy. You don’t have to invest in any nasty chemical based cleaning fluids or tools. Make sure that you give your floors a decent sweep with a broom or dustpan and brush around once a week to dislodge any loose dirt or grit which might work into the wood. When faced with really muddy or dirty areas, simply use a bowl of warm water and mop or cloth to gently dislodge the grime. It is important to ensure that you always dry your floors after mopping as this helps to protect the shape and integrity of the wooden boards.

Vacuuming is another effective way of cleaning up your wooden floors. Keep the suction power at a low level and feel free to hoover your heart away! Wooden floorboards really do add a sense of character to a home and they can last a lifetime as long as they are looked after properly. You don’t need fancy equipment, common sense will do!


Why Choose Wooden Floors?

Posted by admin on August 20, 2012 at 9:35 am. Filed under: Solid Wood Flooring

When you are considering a bit of home renovation, it may be time to look at the quality of your floors. Many houses are carpeted these days, but there are other options available. Hardwood oak flooring gives a house a certain sense of style which cannot be obtained from an ordinary carpet. However, this is not the only reason why you may want to consider investing your hard earned cash into oak wood flooring. Here are a few things to consider when debating the benefits of ripping up your carpets and fitting a quality oak wood floor instead.


Wooden floors are not as expensive as you might first think. In fact, they represent excellent value for money. A wood floor cannot be stained or torn in the same way that a carpet can, and can actually add value to the price of your home. Depending on the type of flooring you install, wooden floors can last a lifetime and won’t need to be replaced on a regular basis like normal carpets.

Environmentally Friendly

Trees are naturally sustainable, which means that wood as a material is as environmentally friendly as they come. You don’t need to treat wood with any nasty chemical cleaning sprays and it won’t stain as easily as a carpet. Indeed, if you spill a glass of red wine of a wooden floor you can simply mop it up and dry the area with as little fuss as possible. Wooden flooring can be varnished to a shade of your choice if you so request, and easily blends into all types of interior decoration colour schemes. So, if you fancy changing the paint colour on your walls you don’t have to worry whether it will match the shade of your carpet.

Easy Maintenance

Wooden floors are far easier to keep clean and maintain than carpeted floors. A quick sweep with a dustpan and brush will help clear away most dirt, and you can always use a vacuum cleaner if it gets really messy. You never have to worry about glaring stains or dirty patches with wood floors, and you can protect well used areas with rugs or mats to keep the heavy feet at bay.

Stylish Atmosphere

A wooden floor really does add a sense of style to a home. The long timbered boards hark back to an era of natural charm and elegance and are sure to impress all your guests. Wooden floors have a unique comforting feel under bare feet, and you don’t have to worry about dealing with any itchy carpet mites attacking your limbs in the morning. Indeed, wooden floors have added health benefits as they do not collect dust and mites in the same way that carpet materials can. If you suffer from asthma or hay fever then wooden floors may reduce the risks of you suffering from serious attacks. If you want to live in a home which oozes style and class, then you should seriously consider investing in quality wooden flooring.


Kempas Wood Flooring – Ideal for a Stunning, Natural Finish In Your Home

Posted by admin on August 15, 2012 at 11:22 am. Filed under: discount wood flooring

Kempas is a wood generally less well-known by consumers, especially compared to established materials such as oak and walnut. But for those within the industry and people with an extensive knowledge of solid wood flooring, it is recognised as a quality material of astounding appearance.

Since retailers such as us introduced it to the market, it has gained increasing popularity due to its luxuriously dark, rich colour that sits well in both traditional and modern settings.

The wood is derived from the Koompassia Malaccensis tree, which is found in tropical countries such as Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. The tree type’s low-risk classification in terms of how endangered it is makes Kempas an especially popular substitute for less readily available exotic woods. The tree grows to heights of up to 100ft, and it does so slowly. This contributes to the wood’s hardwearing nature when finished.

Why We Love Kempas

The extraordinary beauty of Kempas lies in its striking appearance, of which there is no equivalent. Though bearing a resemblance in colour to other natural wood flooring types such as Brazilian Cherry and Santos Mahogany, both are generally harder to source and much more expensive.

In addition, with a structure that is composed of extraordinary large vessels (or reeds), Kempas has unique patterns contained within the grain that create an impressive finish that our customers love. As a result, it is a stand-out when it comes to reasonably-priced, high-quality wooden flooring.

Why Our Customers Love Kempas

We’re happy to recommend it to customers looking for a floor that can withstand many rigours. With its hardness rating standing at above 1,700 on the Janka scale (an industry-standard testing method), it is nearly 20% harder than standard maple floors. As one of the most dent-resistant woods on the market, it is highly suitable as a floor in areas that will see heavy use, such as the hallway or kitchen.

Our Kempas flooring is finished with six coats of UV Lacquer to provide a protective coating and though incredibly hard and having a relative tolerance against moisture compared with some other products, just as with all natural wood floors, it does still require a certain level of upkeep to maintain its look.

Care For Kempas and It Will Reward You with Natural Beauty for Years to Come

Ensuring that the floor avoids unnecessary and prolonged exposure to dirt is recommended. This can be achieved simply by sweeping up any debris with a natural-bristled broom and regularly vacuum cleaning the surface, so that any grime is not left to embed in the grain of the wood for extended periods.

Likewise, any spills should be cleaned up quickly to prevent the wood from absorbing moisture. You should bear this in mind when mopping, ensuring never to use too much water and using only mild, pH-neutral cleaning products. Oiling the surface every so often will prevent static attracting moisture, too.

Following these basic protective measures will mean the stunning impact that Kempas achieves won’t diminish over time, and that if you choose Kempas you’ll love it in years to come just as much as you do the day it is installed.


Why Pergo Is One of Our Chosen Manufacturers of Domestic and Commercial Laminate Flooring

Posted by admin on August 10, 2012 at 9:18 am. Filed under: Pergo Flooring

Laminate flooring was invented in 1977 by the company who, today, remain at the forefront of the industry. That company is Pergo, and to this day they invest in research and development so that they can continue to carve the path at the head of the niche that they first created.

As manufacturers of laminate and vinyl flooring with unique, patented properties, their products are considered amongst the very best in the market by suppliers and consumers alike. They have plants in North America, where their market is predominantly focused on supplying residential properties. In Europe, where they have factories based in Sweden, they make products that are sold for use in commercial settings, as well as supplying to residential environments.

Pergo’s historic association with the material, and their stance as market leaders on both sides of the Atlantic, means that they have a global reputation in laminate. As developers of a product that emulates the appearance of wood without the need for logging on a commercial scale, their success as product developers has had beneficial environmental consequences for the wider flooring industry.

Taking Their Environmental Role a Step Further

Just as they have led the pack in other parts of the industry, Pergo have led the way in the manner that flooring companies address ecological concerns too. Their ecological endeavours have always been close to the heart of what Pergo do, and this remains the case now.

Recycling is a key part of this policy. For example, 80% of their products’ content is made from wood surplus from the wood industry, and they use only renewable wood products. This is affirmed by their certification from the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification.

Additionally, they became the first flooring company to be awarded the Green Swan symbol by the Nordic Ecolabel. This shows their commitment to sustainability, and the low-level impact of their operations at every level, from raw materials to waste.

Our Pergo Products

The Pergo laminate flooring that we stock is all finished to resemble wood. Though considerably more affordable than having a solid wood floor fitted, laminate should not be considered an inferior choice.

As a material designed to simulate an appearance using an image coated in clear protective layer, it is less vulnerable to the sort of damage that natural materials can suffer. Its sealed outer layer makes it almost impenetrable to both dirt and moisture.

This means that cleaning and maintenance of the surface is easier, and because of the high build quality that defines the manufacturers that we choose to supply our products, the floor’s original high-quality appearance and feel is never compromised.

With its reputation for excellence, great look and durable quality, it’s not hard to see the reasons behind why laminate flooring from Pergo is so popular in both homes and commercial environments across the UK. You can browse the dedicated pages on our website that exhibit their whole range. Whatever your intended use, you can buy with confidence in their brand – we’re sure that you’ll be astounded by the quality finish that you can achieve at such a reasonable price.


Practical Advice for Those Looking for Oak Flooring in Their Home

Posted by admin on August 3, 2012 at 9:17 am. Filed under: Oak Flooring

When it comes to wood products, no less in the flooring industry, oak has become a byword for quality. There is a massive range of choices when it comes to choosing wood flooring, and the diversity available even just amongst oak products can leave some people puzzled to say the least.

If you’re considering some home improvements, and have your heart set on a new oak floor but aren’t sure where to start looking, this entry should go some way to pointing you in the right direction.

We’ll take you through the three main sub-categories of flooring that we offer our customers, and explain some of the oak ranges in each. This should leave you more clued up and help you to make well-informed decisions.

Solid Oak Floors

We offer products from Nature, our trusted manufacturer. Their solid wood floors are constructed entirely of the designated material, with each plank made from a single piece of timber. Though solid wood in general tends to be the most expensive option, but the look that they create can add real class (not to say value) to any home.

Basic solid oak wood is treated with an oil or UV lacquer to give a quality finish of your choice. A handscraped finish to oak will give the appearance of aged wood, which brings a unique quality and warmth. Parquet and wood block oak flooring is a highly traditional look, used for centuries to create a glamorous appearance. Unfinished oak is also available.

Engineered Oak Flooring

Unlike solid wood, engineered planks consist of a top layer that provides the appearance, and a core for stability. The outer layer’s thickness varies, with prices changing accordingly. Engineered wood’s principle advantage over solid wood is its greater versatility in where it can be installed, and reduced product costs and fitting fees.

We have three different manufacturers to choose from. Nature is one of those three, and their products are suitable for use with underfloor heating. Boen, another, offer parquet-style flooring of extraordinary quality. The other is Tarkett, whose Salsa and Bravo ranges have a reputation for being suited to busy family homes.

Over the different ranges that each manufacturer provides, there are a number of different options when it comes to finish, opening up all sorts of possibilities for you to choose colour schemes.

Oak-Effect Laminate

As a material that simulates the appearance of wood, laminate materials provide the biggest range in form and colour. When it comes to oak flooring, our chosen manufacturers Pergo and Quickstep provide a huge number of options within that wood type, ranging from treated to natural finishes so that you can create a look to suit any space, be it traditional or modern.

Laminate flooring also offers affordability and practicality. It is hardwearing and very easy to clean, making it a popular choice for families, where heavy use is inevitable and resistance to damage necessary. It allows those in search of an oak (or any other) effect in their home to do so within budget, and without having to worry about it suffering damage even when put under the stresses of family life.


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