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DIY Wood Flooring – What You Need To Know

Posted by on November 25, 2013 at 2:32 pm. Filed under: engineered wood flooring,Natural Wood Flooring,Oak Flooring,Pergo Flooring,Solid Wood Flooring

Are you looking for high quality, durable and beautiful wood flooring? Then you are in the right place. If you want wood flooring but you’re also looking to save some money, Nagle Flooring offers DIY (Do It Yourself) wooden flooring. This allows you to take a hands-on approach to installing your own wood flooring. Learn the secret of impeccable DIY flooring installation below.

Things You Need To Know About DIY Wood Flooring

In today’s market manufacturers are thinking about the needs of their customers. This has lead to the introduction of easy-to-install DIY wooden floors. It is a much cheaper alternative that will allow you to quickly install the perfect floor for your home with minimal preparation.

Wood flooring from Nagle Flooring is perfect for almost any room, including the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and areas with heavy foot traffic. What do you need to know prior to installing wooden floors?

To start with, you should have a clean, tidy room with no furniture. The floor should be vacuumed and dry. Then you should make sure that any electrical fixtures are covered, and that you have all the tools you need for the installation.

The boards should be laid lengthways towards a light source. We suggest putting the first board on the left side corner. Make sure that the board is square with the wall and fits comfortably. You will then need to measure and cut the boards accordingly so they fit together.

Quality Wood Flooring From Nagle Flooring

Nagle Flooring are industry experts with over 40 years of experience. Our passion for the craft allows us to present customers with high-quality and easy-to-install wood flooring solutions. Our direct collaboration with leading manufacturers means we can offer excellent quality at competitive prices. Many satisfied customers have successfully installed wooden flooring themselves and found it much easier than they thought.

Are you unsure about what type of flooring will suit your home? When it comes to wooden flooring, the options are endless. The elegance and longevity of wooden flooring is undeniable and can even increase the value of your house. Whether you are looking for flooring for a traditional home or a modern design, you will definitely find something suitable at Nagle Flooring.

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Advantages Of Engineered Wood Flooring

Posted by on November 22, 2013 at 1:36 pm. Filed under: engineered wood flooring

Wood flooring makes a beautiful addition to any household. It has a warm, timeless charm, is easy to maintain and offers excellent durability. However, quality wooden flooring can be expensive, especially if you are shopping on a budget. If you are looking for high quality flooring solution that is stylish and durable like solid wood floor, but at a more affordable price, take a look at engineered wood flooring.

What Is Engineered Wood Flooring And Why Everyone Loves It

Whether you are shopping on a budget or simply looking for a well priced flooring solution, engineered wood flooring can offer several benefits. How is engineered wood flooring made?

While solid wood flooring is exactly what it says it is, engineered floor is made from modern adhesives, which consist of a plywood base and a solid hardwood top. The plywood foundation adds durability and stability, while the hardwood top gives it an authentic look.

Top quality engineered wood flooring will look as good as solid wood flooring, and will even provide a few extra benefits solid floor doesn’t offer. It is one of the most cost effective options, and comes in a variety of styles and finishes. This flooring can also vary in thickness from 3/8″ to 3/4″. The thickness of the top layer will determine the price. The thicker the layer, the higher the price.

Benefits Of Engineered Wood Floors

As we have already mentioned, engineered flooring is ideal for anyone looking for quality at a more affordable price. Take a look at the benefits of engineered wood floors below.

Great price- Even though solid and engineered wood floors look exactly the same, engineered floor is much cheaper.

Durability- Depending on the thickness of top layer engineered wood flooring can last for decades. It is a solid investment and can even increase the value of your house.

Large choice- There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to engineered flooring, including staining, grain and more, so finding flooring to suit your interior is easy.

Moisture resistant- Engineered wood flooring is moisture resistant and can be installed in areas with higher moisture levels, such as bathrooms or basements.

Versatility- Engineered wood floor can be used throughout the house. Thinner planks can be used for walls or ceilings, and thicker planks can be used for floors.

These are only a few of the benefits of engineered wood flooring which has made it the number one floor choice for many household in the UK. Would you like to have engineered flooring in your home? Our industry experts at Nagle Flooring will be more than happy to consult and advise you.

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What Is Engineered Wood Flooring?

Posted by on July 25, 2013 at 7:17 am. Filed under: engineered wood flooring

What Exactly Is Engineered Wood Floor?

Engineered floor is created from the same wood as solid wooden planks. However, they are cheaper and tend to be easier to install. Quality engineered floor offers the same luxury as solid hardwood flooring. So what is the real difference and why should you consider having engineered wood flooring?

Engineered floor is like a sandwich. It is made from a few layers, bonded together. The base layer consists of modern adhesives of plywood and the top layer is a piece solid hardwood of your choice. These multiple layers are adhered together to make the plank more durable and stable in the long run.

Floor varies in thickness from 3/8″ to 3/4″. The thicker the top layer, the more expensive it will be. However, it is a solid investment that will last a lifetime. You should also remember to pay attention to the inside of the floor as much as you do to the outside, as the thickness of the inside plays an important role in durability.

To satisfy your needs the surface level can be stained in variety of colours. You can even choose to leave the surface unfinished, which will allow you to seal and stain the floor yourself to your own liking.

The bottom line is engineered floor will last just as long as solid wood flooring. It can even be re-sanded and stained to remove any scratches and prolong its durability.

Why You Should Choose Engineered Wood Flooring?

• Durability and sustainability. Depending on the thickness of the top veneer, this floor will last from 20 to 100 years. It will even increase the value of your property.
• You can install under floor heating. This type of floor is compatible with under floor heating.
• Available in various colours. The selection of engineered wood is incredibly large. You can choose from a number of various finishes, staining etc.
• Eco-friendly. Engineered wood can be made from privately grown forests, and from underutilised and less expensive wood species. It can also be made from recycled and unusable pieces of wood.
• Cheaper than solid wood floors. Even though they look almost identical, quality engineered wood is cheaper than solid hardwood floor.
• Good at withstanding moisture. Engineered wood floors can be installed in areas with higher moisture levels, e.g. bathrooms, basements.
• Versatile use. Although thicker planks are needed for floors, thinner planks can also be used for ceiling or walls.

Final Thoughts

Technology is constantly developing and improving, which has meant the manufacturing of wooden floors has become increasingly sophisticated and advanced. Now, engineered wooden flooring is of an exquisite quality and can be easily compared to hardwood flooring. Its price, durability, versatility and the ability to withstand moisture has made this floor a popular feature in many homes across the UK. It can even increase the value of your house, proving it to be a solid investment.

If you are considering installing engineered wood floors contact experts at Nagle Flooring. With over 40 years of experience in the business, we can offer you the best advice on wide variety of top quality flooring solutions.

If you are interested in engineered wood flooring then make sure to claim your free samples. For more information email; Telephone: 020 8424 0800


Can You Use Engineered Wood Flooring In Bathrooms?

Posted by on June 12, 2013 at 8:50 am. Filed under: engineered wood flooring

Wood flooring might not be something you would normally choose for a bathroom. However, engineered wood flooring is a great alternative to a tile floor and a fantastic way to add some style to your bathroom.

Why choose wood flooring for your bathroom floor? No other flooring offers the warmth, durability and timeless appeal as wood. You can instantly transform your bathroom from simple to luxurious by installing wood flooring.

Engineered wood flooring is a mix of plywood on the bottom with a finished layer of wood on the top. These layers are bonded together with pressure and heat which adds more durability and stands well in areas with a higher level of moisture.

The flooring is easy to install whether you want to glue, staple or nail it. As soon as the floor is laid you can walk on it as the top layer comes sanded and sealed. Varieties of thickness can be used diversely through the room. For example, engineered wood flooring can be used for a floating ceiling.

If you want durability, engineered wood flooring is ideal. It is more durable than wood floor, and if any starches appear they are easily erased by sanding the floor. The floor is easy to clean; all you have to do is wipe and vacuum it occasionally and it looks good as new.

While engineered wood flooring is hard to distinguish from real wood flooring, it is more likely to last longer. It is stylish, durable and affordable.

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How Is Engineered Wood Flooring Made?

Posted by on at 8:44 am. Filed under: engineered wood flooring

Engineered wood flooring comes in a large variety of styles and finishes, but how is it made?

The Process Of Making Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is made of modern adhesives, including a plywood base and solid hardwood top. The foundation is plywood, which gives the flooring stability and durability, and helps it to last longer. A high pressure press then bonds 2mm thick plywood veneers. The best engineered boards usually have 14 to 15 mm thick plywood.

Then a high pressure press bonds the hardwood top with the plywood foundation, and is allowed some time to cure. The sizes of the hardwood top may vary from 4 to 6 mm in thickness. If it is thinner, the surface is more fragile and may scratch more easily.

Top quality engineered wood flooring will look as good as genuine wood flooring, but it comes with the added benefit of being more durable.

The Benefits Of Engineered Wood Flooring

There are many great advantages to choosing engineered wood flooring. The flooring works well with under floor heating installations due to its high level of stability and strength. It is easy to clean, and by periodically sanding it, you can erase any scratches that have occurred. The plywood foundation prevents cupping, and minimises the amount of gaps that can appear during seasonal changes. Engineered wood flooring has a greater resistance to high levels of moisture than solid wood flooring, and is ideal for damp basements and regional areas with higher humidity levels.

For more information about engineered wood flooring and any other type of flooring you want to enquire about, email


Why Choose Engineered Wood Flooring?

Posted by on June 6, 2013 at 7:55 am. Filed under: engineered wood flooring

What Makes Engineered Wood Flooring Special?

Wood is a durable and stylish material. Advances in science and technology have made it possible to make them look even stronger and longer lasting in the form of engineered wood. The look of solid wood together with the practical and cost benefits that engineered wood offers makes it the most popular flooring option.

Engineered wood flooring consists of layers of wood that are hard pressed and bonded together. The gross grain arrangement provides more strength. Engineered wooden flooring is pre-coated which makes it more resistant to scratches. Since it is made with real natural wood, it can be resurfaced in the event of any deep scratches occurring. The inner core is laid in such a way such that it is immune to atmospheric damage, so it will not shrink or enlarge.

Engineered wood flooring is easy to install when compared to solid hardwood flooring. It can be nailed, stapled, glued, and can also be installed as a floating floor. The ease of installation and replacement makes it hassle free for when you have to move house. Engineered wood flooring is more cost effective when compared to solid wood flooring. It is easy to clean and maintain and costs involved with cleaning and maintaining are low.

Is All The Above Tempting You To Install Engineered Wood Flooring?

If yes, then turn to Nagle Flooring. We have been leaders in this industry for many years and have built a good rapport with many leading manufacturers. All our engineered wood flooring is of superior quality and is made to last.

To know more contact Nagle Flooring at 020 8424 0800,


Engineered Oak Flooring From Nagle Flooring

Posted by on at 7:24 am. Filed under: engineered wood flooring

Have the perfect home with stunning wood flooring. Engineered flooring is one of the most common types of wood flooring chosen for its great quality, durability and versatility.
It will add warmth, beauty and value to your home.

How To Choose Engineered Oak Flooring

Oak is one of the most popular woods for flooring. Not only because of its timeless appearance and naturally great durability, but also because in its engineered form it is more resistant to moisture and easy to install in practically any room.

At Nagle Flooring you have a wide range of engineered oak flooring designs to choose from. You can instantly create a solid wood flooring effect at a fraction of the price; without compromising on quality.

When choosing your oak flooring, take into consideration the current colour scheme of your room and if you will need to change it accordingly with the tone of your new wooden floors. For example, dark woods work best with light coloured furniture as they create a bold and contemporary contrast. Also consider the finishes available which differ from matt to glossy. You can even get more creative and choose a more distressed finish for an antique look.

Engineered Oak Flooring From Nagle Flooring

To make your decision easier, Nagle Flooring offer up to 3 free samples of your choice of wooden floors including the engineered oak flooring. You can then order specific measurements of the wood you require.

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Engineered Wood Flooring Against Solid Wood Flooring

Posted by on May 24, 2013 at 9:15 am. Filed under: engineered wood flooring,Solid Wood Flooring

Engineered Wood flooring Vs Solid Wood Flooring

When it comes to improving the interior of your home, nothing can beat wooden floors. The authentic and natural characteristics of wooden floors make them an excellent addition to any home. The range of wooden floors we stock is extensive and selecting the type you want may not be an easy task as we have many ranges that would suit your home. Firstly, you will have to choose between two main types of wooden floors, solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring. Understanding the differences between them as well as the pros and cons will help you make a better decision. Engineered flooring is produced by pressing and gluing a few planks of wood together in an overlapping pattern. Solid wood flooring on the other hand is milled out from a single piece of wood. Due to their designs, both woods react differently to environmental changes. Engineered flooring can withstand moisture much better due to the fact that the planks are arranged in an overlapping pattern. Solid wood flooring is very sensitive to moisture changes.

Wondering Who Is The Winner Of Race? Solid Wood Flooring Or Engineered Wood Flooring?

Engineered flooring is extremely versatile and can be used in almost any area of the home. Engineered wood flooring can be installed floating and glued down as well and are an excellent choice for condominium units. Solid wood floors are great for people living in single unit homes. They are extremely durable, can be sanded down and customised. When installed and maintained properly, solid wood flooring will last more than 100 years. Solid wood floors unlike engineered floors are not suitable for high rise buildings. Engineered wood flooring show less tolerance to pet abuse when compared to solid wood floors. Wondering who is the winner of the race? Each have their own pros and cons and determining which one would be best will depend on the type of home you live, the type of subfloor you have, and the traffic it will see. If you still need help and advice about choosing best flooring options then turn to Nagle Flooring at 020 8424 0800,


Guide to Engineered Wood Flooring

Posted by admin on July 2, 2012 at 2:29 pm. Filed under: engineered wood flooring

Solid wood floors are a wonderful addition to any home. Indeed, a well-made and correctly-installed natural wood floor will add warmth, character and charm to your interiors as well as value to your property as a whole.

However, solid wood flooring is generally the most expensive flooring option to buy and also has certain limitations. It is perhaps because of these reasons that engineered wooden floors have become so popular in recent years.

Engineered floors were originally developed for use on the ground floors of homes that have concrete bases. However, the advancements made in engineered wood flooring technology over the last two decades have made it possible to use engineered solutions just about anywhere, including places where you’d expect to find solid wood floors.

Despite the fact that both solid wood and engineered wooden floors are able to bring the look of natural wood into a home, they are in fact very different products. Indeed, there are different situations when one would work better than the other.

However, this article will concentrate on the benefits which engineered flooring solutions can provide.

As well as being less expensive to buy, engineered wood floors tend to be easier to install than solid wood floors. In addition, engineered wood floors are significantly more resistant to moisture than wooden floors and also tend to be more stable. The key to this increased stability and moisture tolerance comes from how an engineered wood floor is made.

High-quality engineered wood flooring is generally manufactured in thicknesses that range from around 1cm to 2cm. The top layer is a veneer of natural wood – the thicker that veneer is, the more expensive the floor will be to buy. When this top veneer is very thin (0.6mm or less), the resulting floor cannot be refinished; however, when the top veneer is between 2mm and 6mm, it can be refinished several times over. The layers underneath the veneer are very important and can affect the final retail price considerably. These layers are generally made of anywhere between three and 12 layers of plywood and unfinished white wood, depending on the thickness and quality of the finished product.

Engineered wood floors that are thinner than 2cm can be installed by simply gluing them down in the same way as you would glue down a vinyl or resilient floor. Therefore, as long as you have some rudimentary DIY skills and plenty of time and patience, you will most likely find it pretty easy to install an engineered wood floor.

Engineered wooden floors are a very sustainable flooring option. Indeed, a good-quality engineered wood floor will last anywhere from 20 to 100 years, depending on the thickness of the top veneer. Certainly, the best engineered floors available can last every bit as long as solid wood floors.

Explore our pages further to find out more about the benefits of engineered flooring solutions and view our excellent natural wood flooring products in greater detail.


Engineered wood floors may be ideal for you

Posted by admin on April 25, 2012 at 4:04 pm. Filed under: engineered wood flooring

If you’re keen to get wooden flooring for your home, you are by no means alone. Lots of people want to benefit from the warm tones timber brings to their rooms. But you might not be sure what sort of products to go for. After all, there are so many different types of item available these days. For example, here at Nagle Flooring we offer a whole host of products.

One category of product that might be ideal for you is engineered wood flooring. This is created from interleaved hardwood sheets and each ply alternates the direction of the grain. This means that such items are less prone to warping and twisting along the grain line. So, if you think your flooring will be exposed to high levels of heat or humidity, these products could be just what you need.

Also, because the substructures of the flooring comprise less expensive woods, they are cheaper. And, since they display hardwood surfaces that look authentic and impressive, they have a great appearance too.

So, by getting your hands on engineered floors, you can get the best of all worlds. Not only will the products help to boost the look of your home, they will also be durable and you will not have to break the bank in order to get your hands on them.

To find out more about our engineered oak floors and other products, just take a look around our website. You will not be stuck for choice and might well find something that suits you perfectly.


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