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DIY Quick Step Flooring

Posted by on June 12, 2013 at 8:46 am. Filed under: quick step laminate flooring

The design you choose for your flooring in your home is important, as it can have a strong impact on the atmosphere of a room. Quick step flooring design is becoming increasingly innovative and easy to install, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a hassle free floor installation.

Decide On The Look Of Your Quick Step Flooring

Do you want your floor to have the look of wood, ceramic or stone? Choose what would best compliment your interior.

• Choose your colour wisely. If little light gets into the room you should consider brighter colours, for example light oak. If the room is bright or you want to put an emphasis on the furniture, earthy medium to dark brown colours are a good choice. If your interior is modern, nothing highlights it better than a floor with trendy grey shade.
• Grooves are important. There are two types of grooves: one with a V-groove, and without a v-groove. Quick step flooring with a V-groove on the long side adds a feeling of depth to the look of the room.
• If everything mentioned has been taken care of, you should move on to the next step.

Installation Of Quick Step Flooring

Quick step flooring lives up to its name. It is relatively easy to install and with a little time and patience you can do it yourself. All you need to do is click the floor together. It is a straightforward way of adding some stylishness to your home.

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Countless Design Choices With Quick Step Flooring

Posted by on June 6, 2013 at 7:58 am. Filed under: quick step laminate flooring

The best floor remodelling option when you are on a budget is quick step flooring. Available in a wide range of colours and finishes it will not only prove to be incredibly easy to install, but it will also provide your home with the same beauty that solid wood floors do.

Quick Step Flooring For The Beauty And Comfort Of Your Home

Sometimes solid wood floors can be just a bit too much for some people’s budgets, but when you still want the same charm of actual wood, quick step flooring is just the right option for you. Pioneers in laminate floors, the manufacturers of Quick-Step flooring were the first ones to offer a wide selection of different designs to homeowners.

Beautiful finishes with diverse styles and types of wood available, you will definitely find one design or even a few different ones for each room in your property that will look authentic and charming. From classical oak to maple, cherry and many more designs and patterns – all for the beauty of your home.

Easy Instalment With Quick Step Flooring

Simplicity is beauty and this is the case with our quick step flooring. It has been designed to be extremely easy to install. With a specially designed edge, the planks just click together and they fit together perfectly like a puzzle.

The quick step flooring planks can be clicked together horizontally or with a slight angle for awkward corners, and can be easily done as a DIY project. Beautiful in appearance, these floors are also hygienic as dirt cannot accumulate in-between the planks and the surface is very easy to clean.

No matter if your home is styled to look rustic or contemporary, you will find the best laminate floors at Nagle flooring.

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Quick Step Flooring From Nagle Flooring

Posted by on May 31, 2013 at 7:44 am. Filed under: quick step laminate flooring

Quick Step Flooring is a perfect solution for anyone working with a tight budget but would still like to have stylish, solid wood flooring. Just like the name suggests, Quick Step can provide speedy installation of flooring with ease.

Quick Step Flooring Is Quick And Simple

If you decided to remodel your home but are short both time and budget wise, don’t panic. Quick Step floors are an affordable way of getting great looking wooden flooring into your home. They are available in a range of surfaces, colours and finishes. The technology that makes this possible is called Uniclic, which speeds up the process with the specially designed planks which have certain cuts in the edge. They are simple to assemble as they just ‘click’ together.

Beauty And Simplicity Unite In Quick Step Flooring

Quick Step flooring boasts great durability and is not susceptible to wear. It looks great no matter what room it is installed in, no matter how crowded or spacious, small or big. Capable of enhancing the decor of any room, Quick Step Flooring increases in value over the years. They are also very hygienic and are designed so that dirt does not accumulate in between the planks, making this flooring a very smart choice for families who have children. Also, thanks to Antistatic Treatment, you don’t have to worry about electrostatic discharges. These floors look great, are safe, and easy to maintain. They are created by professionals for the comfort and charm of your home, and applicable to all styles.

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Easy To Lay Wooden Flooring With Quick Step Flooring

Posted by on May 28, 2013 at 7:19 am. Filed under: Natural Wood Flooring,quick step laminate flooring

If you are thinking about installing or replacing your floor, you should consider turning to Quick Step flooring. They provide easy to lay and high quality wooden flooring.

The Benefits Of Quick Step Flooring

Innovative and focussed on quality, Quick Step flooring is always ahead of the industry. They are one of the top players in the market, bringing a wide range of floors that are swift and easy to install.

Quick Step flooring has a passion for wood, nature, and innovation, which helps them to constantly improve what they do. From being an affordable alternative to wood, they went on to launch the first laminate floor with a v-groove, introduced natural matching structures, and made laminate floors popular in bathrooms. Today Quick Step flooring expands its range with “Livyn” – a comfortable quality floor with the natural look and feel of wood and the practical benefits of a synthetic floor. Quick Step Flooring can offer a wide range of solutions for anyone thinking about laying wooden floors in your home.

Types Of Wooden Flooring

There are two main types of wooden flooring that should be considered when choosing your floor. Solid flooring is made of a single piece of timber and has the most authentic wooden look. Engineered wooden flooring is made of several layers and has the same effect as solid wood. The only difference is that engineered flooring doesn’t have the capacity to expand, and it is often used with under floor heating systems. Order free samples online and compare both types before you decide.

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Benefits of Laminated Flooring

Posted by admin on March 23, 2012 at 4:55 pm. Filed under: quick step laminate flooring

Laminate flooring can be a wonderful alternative to solid wood flooring. In fact, laminate flooring can often be used to great effect in many situations where wooden flooring isn’t a viable option as it provides several distinct benefits:

Great choice
One of the truly great advantages of commercial laminate flooring is the wealth of choice it provides. As well as being available in stunning wood effect, laminate floors can also be purchased in ceramic or stone effect; therefore it can be used to compliment any and all rooms within a home.

Quick installation
Laminate flooring is incredibly quick and easy to fit. Indeed, depending on the size and shape of the room in question, laminate floor is the one option that doesn’t require you to put up with a half-completed room for days or even weeks on end while you wait for the installation process to finish.

Easy to clean
Wooden flooring solutions can sometimes be a little more labour-intensive when it comes to maintenance and care. Laminate floors on the other hand are far more forgiving and so normally need nothing more than a quick wipe down to keep them looking spick and span.

Here at Nagle Flooring, we have a great range of Pergo and Quick Step laminate flooring solutions available at some of the most competitive prices around. So, if you want to take advantage of the unique benefits which these outstanding flooring options provide, browse our pages further or call us now on 0208 4240800.


Choosing Between Wood and Laminate Flooring Solutions

Posted by admin on March 13, 2012 at 12:48 pm. Filed under: quick step laminate flooring

It is easy to be mired in uncertainty when looking to buy new flooring for your home. In fact, even if you whittle down your choices to wood and laminate flooring; it is still hard to know which of the two options you should choose.

Well, the main benefit of laminate flooring is that it has excellent waterproofing properties. Therefore, this type of floor is often a great option in rooms where water is a common feature such as kitchens and bathrooms. Wood flooring on the other hand is more often used to provide a room with a touch of decorative elegance and style, so rooms like lounges, dining rooms and bedrooms often stand to benefit from it the most.

Here at Nagle Flooring we can provide both laminate and oak wood flooring solutions to compliment any and all rooms within your home.  Indeed, our Pergo and Quick Step laminate flooring solutions are available at truly incredible prices and our oak wood floors come in several different shades including natural-look oak finish, antique finishes, black walnut finish, and red oak.

Because we buy both our high-quality laminate and oak flooring in bulk, we are able to pass on savings that can really help you the customer to receive the very best value for money. To find out more about our unrivalled flooring solutions, explore our web pages further or call one of our friendly customer service advisors on 0208 4240800.


Choosing Quick Step Flooring Colours

Posted by admin on February 28, 2012 at 3:22 pm. Filed under: quick step laminate flooring

You may not have given your floors that much thought, but they can really change the appearance of a room. The great thing about choosing laminate or solid wood flooring is that it goes with every style of home décor and can really complement your colour scheme. If you’re after wooden flooring, then quick step laminate flooring is a fantastic option because it is so versatile and yet not expensive at the same time.

Quick step flooring gives you the widest choice of colours and styles over any other wooden flooring options available. You can even choose to have a stone effect if this is what you prefer. Knowing whether to go for a darker or lighter colour can be tricky for some people, so you need to think about what effect you want the flooring to have on the room. If you have a room that’s on the small side, light coloured flooring can help to give the illusion of more space because pale floors reflect light and make a room seem bigger. However, be aware that the lighter you go, the less warm your room may also appear. Wonderful light quick step laminate options include Bleached White Teak, Natural Beech and Enhanced Vintage Oak White.

If you have pale coloured walls, then choosing a darker colour of quick step flooring can provide a beautiful contrast and stylish touch as well as being warming. For darker colours, check out our Dark Grey or Brown Oiled Oak options, or Enhanced Vintage Oak.


Prestige Flooring from Our Featured Brands

Posted by admin on January 8, 2012 at 3:13 pm. Filed under: quick step laminate flooring

We’re experts when it comes to domestic and commercial laminate flooring and solid wood. But where would we be without the exceptional talent of our featured brands?

The Boen brand is synonymous with two things – high standards and ethical product development. Boen wood flooring is always developed with waste management and environmental futures in mind. All Boen products are created under guidelines with The Forestry Commission and Boen’s own strict quality and environmental control standards. We’re happy to carry the exceptional label of Boen in our store.

Parquet flooring is, in our opinion, one of the most elegant flooring choices. The Tarkett brand is 125-years-old, which we think is ample time to establish an exceptionally motivated luxury flooring brand. Never one to shy away from modern development, Tarkett also manufactures one of our top engineered floor recommendations for the busy household – the Salsa 3-Strip Ultraloc.

The parent company of laminate floors, Pergo have never left the forefront of laminate floor product development. Always of the highest quality and always ahead of the game, Pergo boasts some of the most innovative laminate flooring solutions on the market.

We stock a huge range of products from Quickstep. Although only 40-years-old (a relative youngster in the flooring world) Quickstep has fast become a household name thanks to superb product quality, diverse flooring solutions and a well-deserved global reputation for budget-friendly excellence.

Choosing the right flooring is about finding solutions that work with your lifestyle. After all, it’s potentially going to last a lifetime!


Floors for Commercial Use

Posted by admin on July 25, 2011 at 9:00 am. Filed under: quick step laminate flooring

Commercial environments are often challenging environments. Unlike homes, where the most wear and tear flooring will get will be from the light wear of daily life, in a commercial context floors are often under considerable pressure.

With this in mind, flooring for commercial use is often different to that used in the home. Aesthetic value becomes less important and instead floors must work on a practical level, delivering easy maintenance and simple installation.

Commercial laminate flooring is built especially for the job. tI can withstand heavy usage, and so is ideal in a range of commercial environments such as retail. The big advantage with laminate flooring is that it is easy to clean and maintain, and is therefore made to stand heavy wear and tear, such as heavy footfall.

Laminate flooring is also easy to install. Decorating a commercial setting can be a logistical nightmare and so anything that makes it easier is helpful. Engineered and laminate floors can be cut to any size, and can be installed relatively easily, perfect for a changeable environment like a commercial setting.

The ease of use of a laminate or engineered floor does not necessarily mean a loss of aesthetic value. Modern laminates can be very stylish, and are perfect for modern commercial environments. At Nagle Flooring we stock lots of laminate and engineering floors, ideal for use in the commercial sector. For example, our pergo laminate flooring is perfect for use commercially, and offers all of the advantages you would expect from high grade laminate flooring.


The Benefits of Laminate Flooring

Posted by admin on July 15, 2011 at 9:00 am. Filed under: quick step laminate flooring

Choice of flooring is a difficult but important decision. There are more kinds of flooring than ever, and each has its own particular advantages and disadvantages. One of the most popular kinds of flooring in modern homes is laminate flooring, which offers several advantages over all kinds of floor.

The Look

In your home it is important that every feature pulls its weight in order to create a visually appealing space. Modern laminate flooring offers a great aesthetic, and  will make a great addition to modern homes. Laminates perhaps don’t have the best reputation for style, however modern products are engineered with look in mind, and can really elevate a modern space.

Easy to Lay

Easy step laminate flooring is very easy to lay. Laying a floor can be very difficult and can create a lot of upheaval in a home. Not so with laminates, which are designed to be easy to install, ideal for when you want to efficiently redecorate your home.

Easy to Care For

Perhaps the biggest advantage of laminate flooring is that it’s easy to maintain. Commercial laminate flooring is very popular exactly for this reason, and in certain industries only laminate flooring offers the right level of durability and easy maintenance. In the home, laminate flooring is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.

At Nagle Flooring we love laminate floors. This is why we stock lots of laminate flooring solutions, for all sorts of homes or commercial situations. Remember, if you want the look, the convenience and the ease of installation, it’s got to be a laminate floor.


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