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Nature Engineered and solid wood flooring is crafted to the highest
standard using the very best grades available.

Why wood flooring?

No other flooring offers the warmth, beauty, and value of wood. Wood flooring enhances the decor of any room, and provides timeless beauty that will increase in value throughout the years. In fact, in a national survey of real estate agents, 90% said that houses with wood flooring sell faster and for higher prices than houses without wood floors. Thats money in your pocket!

While the beauty and elegance of wood enhances a homes charm, it is much more than an aesthetic choice. Wood floors provide real benefits over other floor coverings. First, wood is an excellent insulator. And, contrary to popular belief, hardwood actually protects against fire as it chars and burns slowly, never melting or crumbling. Wood is also easy to work with and, unlike other floor coverings, can be stained, cut, shaped, and refinished, giving it durability spanning generations.

Handscraped Oak Flooring

Hand Scraped Wood & Distressed Hardwood Flooring

If one likes the natural look of hardwood floors, which has a lot of character markings, then hand scraped hardwood floors are the choice to go for. It has become a very popular choice for homeowners wanting the warmth of wood which looks old and reclaimed , but with the best finishes that are available today. Although more costly, they look superb and have a lot of character, texture, richness and look unique, and are fast becoming a popular choice in homes and commercial properties.

Hand Scraped or Distressed

As well as offering hand scraped floors, some manufacturers are offering 'distressed' hardwood flooring which is different, in that the markings on the surface of the boards are done by machine, unlike hand scraped planks which are done manually, by hand. Although hand scraped is more costly to do, each of the wood planks will have a unique look, unlike the machine distressed planks. Whatever one might choose, both hand scraped and distressed gives any room a beautiful, rich appearance. Some manufacturers give customers the choice between heavy, medium or light scraping, and some craftsmen are able to create a reclaimed look with worm holes, splits and other character markings that occur naturally. The labour used in hand scraping varies quite a lot - some installers get their workers to carve or scrape the floor after it has been installed in the home, and as long as they are skilled, the results can be very good.

There is the option to install hand scraped floors unfinished and apply the finish on site, which requires special methods to prepare the floor for its final stages of manufacture. The most expensive line of hardwood floors finished by hand are also known as 'hand rubbed'. Most homeowners are choosing pre-finished hand scraped flooring, as these floors are excellent quality and allow convenient and speedy installation. One of the great benefits is the fact that each plank will move independently, with humidity changes in the home.

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Parquet and Woodblock

Nature Wood Block and Parquet are the most traditional wood
flooring available. it has been passed down through the
centuries in banqueting hall and manor houses. Architects
and interior designers incorporate Parquet flooring into
their most prestigious projects.

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Solid American Walnut Flooring

Major Architects, award winning interior designers, shopping malls and confident individuals looking for the richest coloured wood with increased dimensional stability, durability and resistance, have moved towards solid walnut flooring.

This highly desirable wood is provided by walnut trees and comes from the genus Juglans, in the family junglandaceae. The Latin term 'Junglans' means 'Jupiter's acorn' or 'a nut fit for a God'. The walnut trees shed their leaves annually and grow to between 10 and 40 metres tall - 20 years at maturity. They are known for their broad crowns and are valued for the nuts they produce which are rich in oil and can be eaten fresh or cooked. Walnut trees have an important place in medicine, being used for a variety of different ailments including asthma; hence the remarkable benefits & claims of not containing the allergenic qualities of pets and being very child friendly.

With an impression to last forever, solid walnut flooring brings prestige and recognition around the Globe. Mainly found in the Eastern Continent, this type of wood is native to North America. Previous clients have described it as "a unique, dark, rich and chocolaty colour" - providing warmth, depth and both intimacy and an inviting environment, appropriate to the home or work space being designed. Like all wood flooring, solid walnut flooring offers a diverse range of natural colours from pale to dark, from straight plank to swirling patterns, demonstrating the ability to blend with a wide range of interior and exterior designs.

Solid walnut flooring formats

Nagle Flooring has is able to offer this flooring as unfinished wood in two formats:
  1. 18mm traditional strip flooring, natural grade; width in 130mm & 150mm and mixed lengths from 300mm to 1.5metres. Available tongued & grooved around all 4 sides and stress grooves on the back of the boards.

  2. 18 mm floorboards, natural with character grade; width in 130mm & 150mm mixed lengths ranging from .5 to 2 metres. Tongue & groove can be provided all 4 sides or 2 sides only. pre-finished with 5 coats of UV lacquer

Finally, did you know that solid walnut flooring comes with a 25 Year Residential Warranty?

Nagle Flooring - the people who care about your choice of floor.

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Solid Jatoba Flooring

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Solid Kempas Flooring

Kempas Flooring
Real hardwood floors are now very popular in a lot of homes, and work really well in traditional, as well as modern houses. There are a range of hardwood floors to choose from and Kempas flooring is an excellent choice. It is a very hard wood, heavy, with a dark, rich colour, having unique patterns that would make any room look luxurious and quite beautiful.

The Kempas tree is found in Indonesia, Malaysia and the heartwood of the tree has a slight orange colour and is usually the part used for flooring (it darkens over time and becomes a warm, red/brown colour), whilst the sapwood is pale and yellow in colour.

Kempas floors are very hardwearing (hardness rating of 1710ibf) and resist decay and friction very well; floors look as good as new for years to come. The wood does not smell strange and dries very easily, is harder than Maple, Red Oak and about 80% as hard as mahogany. Sanding this floor will provide a great finish. To maintain the beauty of Kempas floors, they should be oiled to prevent static and attract moisture.
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Solid Merbau Flooring

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Solid Oak Flooring

Nature Solid Pre-finished wood flooring range are suitable for both domestic and commercial use. The planks are finished with either UV lacquer or oil to give an appearance of your
preferred choice.

Nature solids come in various widths from 90mm to 180mm with gradings in Natural or Select.

Natural grading has small knots with colour variation and Select grade is more uniformed in appearance.

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Solid Unfinished

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