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Elka Stoney Grey 12mm

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  • Per M²: £14.38

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  • 1.453m2 per pack
  • 12 x 192 x 1261mm
  • 6 planks
  • Uniclic® locking system - suitable for DIY installation
  • Hygienic allergy reducing floor
  • PEFCTM - Caring for the environment
  • AC5 rating - Ideal for high traffic areas
  • 12mm range is quieter to walk on
  • Can be used in conjunction with noise reducing underlay
  • Suitable for use with embedded underfloor heating systems
  • Flexible fitting options - you can start anywhere within the room
  • High definition surface structures that enhance the authentic appearance of the floor
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Elka 12
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Textures / Surface

Installation Guide

Let the planks acclimatize for 48 hours in the unopened packaging at the normal room temperature, in the middle of
the room where the floor is to be installed. The ideal conditions are 15-22°C at a relative humidity of 30-75%. If
climate conditions are outside this 30-75% range, we strongly advise to acclimatize for 1 week with opened
2 Remove any damp-porous floor covering (carpet, needle felt, etc.) first. Damp-sealed floor covering (PVC, linoleum,
VCT, etc.) does not have to be removed. Always use an underlay, we advise to use a Elka underlay.
3 WOODEN SUBFLOOR: Remove any existing floor covering first and check for signs of mould and / or insect
infestations, this should not be present. Make sure the subfloor is level, nail down any loose parts. If the wooden
subfloor is flat (no unevenness greater than 2mm over the length of 1 meter): you can install any Elak underlay. If
the wooden subfloor is not flat and has unevenness > 2mm and < 4mm (because of cupping of the wooden subfloor
planks: you can install the Elka QT or Comfort Lay underlay. If the wooden subfloor is not flat and has unevenness >
4mm: you have to install a fibered levelling compound or underlay + plywood / OSB levelling floor. Install the new
floor at ninety degrees to the existing subfloor. The crawl space under the plank floor must be sufficiently ventilated.
Remove any obstacles and make sure there is sufficient ventilation (minimum 4cm² (1/2”) total ventilation openings
per m² (40”) of floor). The moisture content of the wood must not exceed 10%.
4 Additional instructions apply if there is underfloor heating or cooling. Your dealer or installer of the floor heating
system must guarantee that the floor surface temperature never exceeds 28 degrees °C. Visit
for more information.
5 A new concrete floor must dry at least 1 week per 1cm (3/8”) thickness up to 4cm (1-1/2”). Thicknesses over 4cm
(1-1/2”) require twice as much drying time. For example, a 6cm (2-1/2”) concrete subfloor must dry for at least 8
weeks. The moisture content must be less than 2.5% for cement-bound screed (CM method) and 0.5% for an
anhydrite bound screed. As the drying times are really depending on the climate conditions and the ventilation of
the building, these timings are only indicative.
6 Make sure the subfloor is level. Any unevenness greater than 2mm over the length of 1 meter must be smoothed
out. The same applies to any unevenness of more than 1mm over a length of 20cm.

7. Make sure that the floor base is flat, clean, firm, and dry.
8 To install your laminate floor you need the following standard tools: Hammer, saw (a jig-saw, hand circular saw,
hand saw, or cross-cut saw), pencil, tape measure, safety goggles and gloves.
9 Apart from that, you also need the following accessories: installation kit (a pulling iron, spacers and a tapping block
suitable for the Uniclic® click system), underlay system (use an underlay that provides a stable foundation for the
floor, such as the Elka underlay) and suitable maintenance products. The use of accessories other than the Elka
accessories might cause damage to the Elka floor. In such case the guarantee provided by Elka will be void. We
therefore advise to use only Elka accessories as these have been especially designed and tested for the use with Elka
floor panels.
10 Check all panels before and during installation. Defective panels must never be used.
11 Check whether the old skirting can be removed. You can leave the wall skirting boards in place and finish the floor
with Elka profiles or cover the existing skirting boards with the Elka cover skirting board.
12 Check that the doors can still open and close after the floor and underlay have been installed.
13 Cooking islands for kitchens and other very heavy objects should be installed first and not placed on top of the
laminate. The laminate floor must be able to move around the heavy objects to avoid open joints and separating

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